Alientech KTAG Tool (Master)
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Alientech KTAG Tool (Master)

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This is to purchase the KTAG Master physical hardware including the basic set of cables needed to read from most vehicles. You will need to purchase protocols depending on what vehicles you are wanting to remap.


You do not need to purchase subscriptions as the first twelve months are included in any protocol package.


KTag is an ECU out (bench tuning) tool which is to be used in instances where an ECU may have tuning protection or where the ECU does not have OBD support. This tool is suggested as an add-on to KessV2 rather than a starter tool.


The cables included are called for by the KTag itself depending on the vehicle being remapped, and are as follows (grouped as 144300KTST)


  • 144300T100 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T101 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T102 – 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T103 – 2 ribbon cables
  • AF3401001 – 2 male pin header (2.54MM) and 10 female pin header (2.54MM)
  • 144300T104 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T105 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T106 – 2 rainbow ribbon cables


There is a small element of soldering required with this tool depending upon the ECU type and the accessories you have purchased. Some solder boards are included with the KTag slave hardware-


  • 14AS00T01S – Board to be soldered for Delphi DCI ECUs
  • 14AS00T03S – Board to be soldered for Siemens and Marelli ECUs
  • 14AS00T04S – Board to be soldered for Delphi Dcm ECUs


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Weight 11.34 kg
Dimensions 63 × 45 × 20 cm
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